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I just got back from Graduation like a half hour ago It was too sad.… - These Are The Days Worth Living....

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June 12th, 2005

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10:47 pm
I just got back from Graduation like a half hour ago

It was too sad. I went to my sisters graduation and that wasn't as bad because i knew the people graduating of 2003, but i didn't know and like kinda be close with the 2005 people in the same way.,

Especially watching jason graduate, i was happy but sad at the same time.

Mr Lewis gave a really really good speech too, really funny and different then the others.

Ben Watts also picked up Mr Dolloff haha it was funny,

Jasons at project grad right now...I miss him., i want to talk to him before i go to bed like i usually do, and i want to go to his house before school like i used to too, but nope, goddamn school system let him graduate so i can't.

And also, has anyone ever seen a movie or show where someone tries to open a door cuz its like life or death matter and the door knob just pops right off into their hand and you can't get in? yeah that happened to me today, only it happened to a like billionaires house, and a billionaires door so i felt pretty bad about that one lol

well im going to go do something becuase i haven't done anythign all weekend for school.

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